Jihva-pariksa - Tongue diagnosis as part of a practical Ayurvedic diagnostic concept

Dr. med. Ananda Chopra (D)


The “diagnosis of the tongue” (Jihvā-parīkṣā) has for several centuries been part of āyurvedic diagnostics. It is mostly enumerated as one criterion of the so-called “diagnosis of eight localisations” (aṣṭasthāna-parīkṣā). The diagnostic evaluation of the tongue takes, of course, place within the framework of the āyurvedic system. A thorough examination of the tongue in this context helps to diagnose the constitution (Doṣa-prakṛti) as well as a potential imbalance (Vikṛti). In addition, the diagnosis of the tongue supplies information on metabolic strength (Agni) and possible accumulation of undigested metabolites (Āma). Moreover, the tongue-diagnosis is easy to perform and hardly incommoding for the patient. The practical procedure of tongue-diagnosis and typical features will be discussed in this presentation; a short perspective shall place tongue-diagnosis in the larger context of āyurvedic diagnostics.

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